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Hello! My name is Hong Ming. I'm an operations researcher particularly interested in stochastic modeling. I work on stuff like antibiotics resistance to ice hockey to pilot training. I currently hold a joint appointment which fulfills my passion for teaching and research together.

In my free time, I am a father of one adorable boy. My initials happen to be short for 'theorem', and it has always been my dream to have a 'THM's thm'.


Department of Analytics & Operations, NUS Business School
National University of Singapore

Research Fellow

Institute of Operations Research and Analytics
National University of Singapore

  • City (current): Singapore
  • Email: thm at nus dot edu dot sg
  • Office: BIZ1-08-72
  • Degree: PhD Operations Research and Analytics

I teach analytics in undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as in analytics executive education programs at NUS. I have won several teaching awards. I was previously a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic and have co-authored three textbooks

Currently, I am leading two industry research projects. The first is on field studies of pilot training for a major airline carrier, and the second is on forecasting possible quality issues and optimal responses to the forecasts for a leading global medical device company. Please check out my research section for my other Work-In-Progress.

I was at MIT as a visiting student of Professor David Simchi-Levi from Jan 2020 to Feb 2020. My visit was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Interests

Includes, but not limited to

Decision making under uncertainty

Information Economics

Sports Analytics

Stochastic Control


Published Papers

Zaman, Z., & Tan, H. M. (2020).
A Modification to Pull the Goalie that Takes the State of Play into Account: Coach Markov Returns.
CHANCE, 33(1), 10-15.

Working Papers

Smart City Investments under Dynamic Information Acquisition (June 23, 2020)
Jussi Keppo, Hong Ming Tan, and Zhou Chao
Calibrating Airline Sales Forecast in Volatile Environments: Changepoint Detection and Applications
Changchun Liu, Hong Ming Tan, Ek Hong Lim, and Chung-Piaw Teo


Learning and Earning with Offline Data
Jussi Keppo, Hong Ming Tan, Chung-Piaw Teo, and Minglong Zhou
Competency and Incompetency in Pilot Training: the Andragogical Approach
Industry project with SIA Corp Lab
Optimal Detection of Faulty Batches
Industry project with global medical device company
Modelling Antibiotic Resistance
Depression Forecasting and Stress Staging


Owen, D. B. (1980). A table of normal integrals: A table. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation, 9(4), 389-419.
While trying to solve some integrals, I found an error with the integral 110 in TABLE I (page 9).
The integral is missing a “b” in the term G(x sqrt(1+b^2) + a/ sqrt(1+b^2)).
It should be G(x sqrt(1+b^2) + ab/ sqrt(1+b^2)).



Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
Letter of Commendation for Graduate Tutor

Pedagogy Courses Attended

Training Programme for Teaching Assistants
2016, NUS
Teaching in Higher Education Certificate (THEC)
2014, Temasek Polytechnic
  • All
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate
  • Executive
Decision Analytics Using Spreadsheets
Instructor, 18/19 Sem 2, 20/21 Sem 2
Linear Algebra I
TA, 16/17 Sem 2
Mathematics I
TA, 16/17 Sem 1
Leading with Big Data Analytics
and Machine Learning
Instructor, Dec 2020, Mar 2021
Analytics in Managerial Economics
TA, 18/19 Sem 1, 19/20 Sem 1
Instructor, 20/21 Sem 1


I'm proud to have touched many people's lives through my teaching.

By far THE most caring and dedicated Professor I know

He is a patient and understanding teacher that cares about his students. He would frequently ask us if we understand, and if we do not, he will explain it in a different way. He also has asked students how he could improve and if there are any suggestions for him. Honestly, DAO is one of my least favourite subjects, however, prof's approachable and patient nature has made learning DAO more bearable. He also encourages us to ask questions and to consult him if necessary. I have never met a teacher in uni that is as caring, approachable, and dedicated as him. As much as my classmates and I complain about DAO, we are thankful to have him as our prof.

He is a patient and kind teacher, always willing to help his students whenever they feel lost in the concepts, able to explain the concepts in a much more simpler way, and I personally find it very effective when I revisit the concepts again. Prof is also committed as a teacher to the class, and most of us enjoy his weekly classes and consultation.

Hong Ming genuinely cares for his students and wants to see them understand the subject well. He has managed to make online learning engaging, it seems to come naturally to him. He has a pleasant demeanor and is does not judge questions asked. What a shame that this module does not have a component for class participation as I think this is the most engaged module across all classes i have taken in this semester.

The lecturer was engaging and managed to bring day–to–day examples to further elaborate on concepts during the class. He also asks questions at integrable points during the lecture to ensure that the class is on–track. This meant that even though class participation is not a graded component, students were still engaged and eager to answer the questions. The lectures were also well–paced. The lecturer also encourages questions, which is heartening.

Curriculum Vitae


PhD Operations Research and Analytics

2017 - 2021

Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, National University of Singapore

Master of Science by Research

2015 - 2017

Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

2009 - 2013

Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore

Applied Mathematics (Primary Major)

Economics (Second Major)

Professional Experience

Learning Facilitator

2020 - Present

Emeritus Institute of Management

  • Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions
  • Python for Analytics


2013 - 2015

Mathematics and Statistics Division, Temasek Polytechnic

  • Collaborated with NUS Pharmaceutical Science to create interactive webpages using HTML5 elements and Javascript
  • Co-authored three textbooks
  • Coordinated Online Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness system for the School of Applied Science
  • Subject Leader for the subject "Statistics for Applied Science"
  • Completed Teaching in Higher Education Certificate
  • Completed Data Analytics in Healthcare course
  • Completed WSQ 3D Printing for Rapid Product Development course

Professional Development


NUS Teaching Assistant
MA1105, 16/17 Sem 1
MA1101R, 16/17 Sem 2
DSC5101, 18/19 Sem 1, 19/20 Sem 1
DAO1704/DSC1007, 18/19 Sem 2, 20/21 Sem 2
NUS Instructor/Lecturer
DBA5101, 20/21 Sem 1
Temasek Polytechnic Lecturer
Subject Leader
Analytics for X Conference 2021
Local Organising Committee
MSOM 2019 Conference and SIG Meeting
Local Organising Committee


# denotes presentation by co-author
2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting
Investment Valuations and Falling Cost of Information, MC29a
Equity Valuation and Falling Cost of Data Analytics, Session 3.6
MSOM 2019 Conference and SIG Meeting
Investment Valuations and Falling Cost of Information, Session F10
Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics, Technical Sessions - TD11
5th NUS-USPC Workshop on Machine Learning and FinTech
# Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics
2017, CQF
# Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics, Technical Sessions - TE55
Eleventh Annual Risk Management Conference
# Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics - Working Paper for Scientific Program
2017, RMI



Mochtar Raidy Building, BIZ1-08-72, !5 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119245