I am Tan Hong Ming.

Operations researcher-in-training.

I am a researcher and a final year PhD student in the Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, IORA, at National University of Singapore (NUS). My research includes decision making under uncertainty, information economics, sport analytics, and causal inference. Currently, I am leading three industry research projects. The first is on field studies of pilot training, and the second is on demand modeling and price optimization, both for a major airline carrier. The third one is on forecasting possible quality issues and optimal responses to the forecasts for a leading global medical device company.

I teach analytics in undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as in analytics executive education programs at NUS. I have won several teaching awards. I was previously a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic and have co-authored three textbooks

I was at MIT as a visiting student of Professor David Simchi-Levi from Jan 2020 to Feb 2020. My visit was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CV Github [email protected]

Professional Development


Master of Science by Research
National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Second Class Honours, Upper Division.
National University of Singapore
Applied Mathematics (Primary Major)
Economics (Second Major)


NUS Teaching Assistant
MA1105, 16/17 Sem 1
MA1101R, 16/17 Sem 2
DSC5101, 18/19 Sem 1, 19/20 Sem 1
DAO1704/DSC1007, 18/19 Sem 2, 20/21 Sem 2

NUS Instructor/Lecturer
DBA5101, 20/21 Sem 1

Temasek Polytechnic Lecturer
Subject Leader

MSOM 2019 Conference and SIG Meeting
Local Organising Committee



R Programming Workshop
2017, Dr Ben Charoenwong, NUS
2017, NUS
WSQ 3D Printing for Rapid Product Development
2015, NTU
Data Analytics in Healthcare


Training Programme for Teaching Assistants
2016, NUS
Teaching in Higher Education Certificate (THEC)
2014, Temasek Polytechnic


# denotes presentation by co-author
2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting
Investment Valuations and Falling Cost of Information, MC29a
Equity Valuation and Falling Cost of Data Analytics, Session 3.6
MSOM 2019 Conference and SIG Meeting
Investment Valuations and Falling Cost of Information, Session F10
Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics, Technical Sessions - TD11
5th NUS-USPC Workshop on Machine Learning and FinTech
# Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics
2017, CQF
# Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics, Technical Sessions - TE55
Eleventh Annual Risk Management Conference
# Investment Decisions and Falling Cost of Data Analytics - Working Paper for Scientific Program
2017, RMI


Working Papers

Smart City Investments under Dynamic Information Acquisition (June 23, 2020)
Keppo, Jussi and Tan, Hong Ming and Zhou, Chao

Published Papers

Zaman, Z., & Tan, H. M. (2020).
A Modification to Pull the Goalie that Takes the State of Play into Account: Coach Markov Returns.
CHANCE, 33(1), 10-15.


Owen, D. B. (1980). A table of normal integrals: A table. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation, 9(4), 389-419.
While trying to solve some integrals, I found an error with the integral 110 in TABLE I (page 9).
The integral is missing a “b” in the term G(x sqrt(1+b^2) + a/ sqrt(1+b^2)).
It should be G(x sqrt(1+b^2) + ab/ sqrt(1+b^2)).




We all encounter randomness in some form or another in our lives. I am interested in discovering what our best decision is given a situation which we do not know for certain the occurance of particular events. Some examples include changes in stock price, the future state of a game in sports, and demand faced by Airlines.

I am currently working closely with Associate Professor Jussi Keppo and Assistant Professor Prof Zhou Chao on utitilty maximization and information acquisition under uncertainty. Our research seeks to understand the impact of the decreasing cost of information and data analytics on corporate decisions and equity prices.


I am currently a teaching assistant for NUS Business School teaching the module DSC5101/DBA5101 Analytics in Managerial Economics.

I have also taught the module DSC5101/DBA5101 Analytics in Managerial Economics and DAO1704/DSC1007 Decision Analytics Using Spreadsheets for NUS Business School as an instructor/lecturer. I received the outstanding graduate student teaching award for teaching DAO1704/DSC1007.

I was also a teaching assistant for the Department of Mathematics at NUS, where I taught the modules MA1505 Mathematics I and MA1101R Linear Algebra I. Based on my teaching performance, I obtained a Letter of Commendation for being placed in the top 20 percent of all graduate tutors.

DSC5101/DBA5101 is one of the 5 essential modules taken by students enrolled in the Master of Science Business Analytics programme at NUS Business School. The module covers price formation and economic performance in imperfectly competitive markets, game theory, information economics, and empirical modelling.

DAO1704/DSC1007 prepares students with theory and skills to capture business insights from data for decision making using spreadsheets. We focus on using Excel to solve probability and optimization problems.

MA1505 provides a basic foundation for calculus and its related subjects required by engineering students. Topics include vector and multivariable calculus (think Divergence Theorem and triple integrals).

MA1101R is a first course in linear algebra. Major Topics include solutions of linear systems, subspaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. I taught a total of four classes, which translates to roughly 120 students. These include students not only in the Department of Mathematics, but also from the Department of Computing and Department of Statistics.

DAO1704 Teaching Feedback MA1505 Teaching Feedback MA1101R Teaching Feedback Letter of Commendation Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award


I was a lecturer with the School of Applied Science at Temasek Polytechnic where I taught Mathematics and Statistics for 2 years. I was the Subject Leader for the subject "Statistics for Applied Science". I have also co-authored three textbooks[1][2][3] for the students at Temasek Polytechnic.


Some mini projects I've done. I am familiar with Python, R, C/C++, MATLAB, Mathematica, LaTeX, and a little html, and css.

Data Analytics Module

My assignments for Data Analytics module BDC 6307 at NUS. These are those that are coded in R and output using Rmarkdown.

Assignment 3: Learning Curve Assignment 4: Ridge Regression Assignment 5: Bagged Trees Assignment 6: SVMs and PLA Take Home Test: Implementation and Tuning
of Machine Learning Methods

Auto Compile script for LaTeX

A Windows Powershell Script I modified to auto-compile any .tex files it finds in subfolders placed in the main folders. It checks if there exists a PDF file first, then if the TeX file is newer. If there is no PDF or the TeX file is newer, it runs latex.

Github Repository


A simple C++ RPG game that I wrote in my free time to keep familiarised with the language. The main feature I managed to do was a menu where users can select their choices with the arrow keys. Players can level up, assign their skill points, and fight randomly generated monsters. I plan on working on it more when I have time.

Github Repository

Honours Project

As part of my honours project, I programmed two Executable Programs (.exe) which take user inputs and plot circle packings.

This Website

I wanted a personal website as an easy one-stop place for people to get to know me and what I am doing. Instead of using the many webpage builders out there like wordpress, wix etc., I opted to work starting with a text editor and the Bootstrap framework. This allows me to learn front-end web development using html, css and javascript. This site is always a work-in-progress which I will continue to develop as I discover new projects.

Github Repository